Android: finally integrated into Porsche cars

Surprising that a prestigious manufacturer like Porsche has, for so long, turned its back on Android users.

Yet it is only now, with the arrival of the 6th generation of Porsche Management Communication, PCM 6.0, that Android Auto integrates the 911, Cayenne and Panamera.

This integration is done automatically as soon as the mobile phone is connected to the vehicle by a USBcable.

Android Auto Wireless is therefore not for now.

A surprising decision since, Apple CarPlay itself becomes compatible with wireless. Starting this summer, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts will also be integrated into the PCM.

The other novelty is the Voice Pilot voice assistant that can now understand natural language instructions. The navigation system calculates faster and displays its information more clearly.

Now you can simply say “Hey Porsche” and the vehicle will execute the controls without the driver having to let go of the steering wheel or the road with his eyes.

The phrase “I need gas” causes the navigation system to find a route to the next gas station.

The phrase “I’m cold” automatically increases the internal temperature.

Massage seats and ambient lighting can also be controlled in the same way.

Voice Pilot is constantly online and constantly learning new phrases: “Over time, the system will continue to improve, offering more and more help to the driver,” according to the manufacturer.

In fact, these new features are simply inherited from the Porsche Taycan,including the ability to conduct online conferences, share a calendar, or get updates on over-the-airvehicles.

Finally, another small additional refinement, again according to the manufacturer, the integration of ambient music played automatically.

The app creates a personal soundtrack in real time.

This consists of specially composed musical elements and changes according to the driving style.