Echo Show 10 Voice Assistant with Screen Review

Echo Show 10 is a display connected to a speaker, mounted on a motorized unit that allows the screen to follow you.

It uses the new AZ1 Neural Edge processor,which takes input from the device’s camera and your voice to triangulate your position and turn the screen towards you.

It means that the Echo Show 10 will follow you around when you are on a video call.

However, it only moves horizontally,so don’t expect too much customization.

But movement also means that the Echo Show 10 requires much more space to place it such as a large bedside table or much of your desk.

You can disable the movement, limit its range or set it so that it only follows certain activities,does not use the facial recognition software onthis device; uses AI-powered software to track human movement and decide how to move.

The 10.1-inch screen isn’t as good as an iPad,but it’s a decent device for streaming Netflix shows or watching the news.

The display adapts the color and brightness in the room, which makes the vision more natural.

The Echo Show 10 also has a 13-megapixel camera on the front, with a physical shutter to cover the lens.

With two built-in tweeters and woofers,the audio is also turned in your direction, but it’s a bit difficult to call it a device meant for music.

Speakers like Apple’s HomePod Mini and Google’s Nest Audio are much better for listening to your favorite music.

The idea of putting screens on smart speakers isn’t particularly new, but the Echo Show 10 goes a step further by adding motion to the mix.