Galaxy S21 Updates

Samsung May 2021 Security Update is now available on these Galaxy devices

Samsung Security Update May 2021.
Not all monthly patches add new features, but there are often more tweading and optimization improvements for existing Samsung smartphones to savor.

Previous patches have added camera features and functions that are often not announced in advance.

The May patch improves camera performance and even the Quick Share feature for those who have the Galaxy S21.

These are probably the two most important changes, but there may be additional features for specific hardware.

However, those with Galaxy S20 and Note 20 will also have access to two extra video recording features as part of the May 2021 security update.

Dual recording is part of the update package, a feature that allows you to record to multiple lenses simultaneously for a picture-in-picture effect while using the S20 and Note 20 camerasystems.

What devices are set to get the May 2021 update from Samsung?

The list of devices that are updated monthly right now is quite heavy, and even as of April 27, some models have already been updated.

These devices are among the first to get the May 2021 update with implementation starting with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra on April 26.

As one of the best Android devices you can buy, it’s also nice to know that it’s the first Samsung smartphone to get the May 2021 security patch.

The former flagship Galaxy S20 series – S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra was spotted receiving the May 2021 security update shortly after the latest S21series.

The US-specific patches for the Galaxy S20 FE, S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra arrived quite late on May 25.

A second security update from May 2021 is now available for those who have the Galaxy S21series.

It’s unclear what changes this update from the initial implementation, but it comes with a different build number. Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ started seeing the May patch in European regions in mid-May with US variants unlocked a bit late precisely on May 28.

All updates also include some added camera improvements and quick share changes for all eight Galaxy S20 seriesdevices.

This implementation has begun in large parts of Europe, including Germany, Spain, andthe United Kingdom.

Qualcomm-powered U.S. variants of the entire Galaxy S21 series have been updated since May 14.

The May 2021 security update began being released for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series on April 28, starting in Germany before releasing around May 2021.