Huawei Smart Watch Fitness we discover the new Band 6 model

Huawei has a number of wearable devices on the market currently, and the Band 6 is their entry point offering has an RRP of $139,however, the devices are currently on sale at a price of just $99,a competitive price compared to other wearable devices at this price.

The Band 6 features a 1.47-inch display that’s 148% larger than the Band 4 Pro,which gives it a 64% screen-to-body ratio, and a FullView AMOLED 282PPI display so vivid that it’s easily visible even in bright light.

The units are available in the following colors: Forest Green and Graphite Black with black bezel or Sakura Pink and Amber Sunrise with gold bezel and weigh 18 grams without the wrist strap, so they are light and comfortable to wear.

The Band 6 is much more than just a step tracker,it has the ability to monitor heart rate,stress levels, oxygen saturation, monitor sleep.

It also has 96 different training modes,a general guide on workouts and an automatic training recognitionfunction.

It has a system that will help you find your phone, it has a flashlight, controls music playback, guides you through breathing exercises, shows notifications, even has a stopwatch, timer and alarm clock.

And it is water resistant at a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes and is compatible with both Apple and Android,but there are some features available only for Android users,especially music playback and a heart rate alarmfunction.

The Band 6 has a magnetic charger,but don’t miss the charging cable, it’s device-specific, you can’t put in any USB cables that you happen to have around.

It’s not stated in the instructions, but it’s a good idea to download huawei’s app gallery rather than going to the website where the QR code takes you or the Play Store.

In addition, some of the band’s features require additional software downloads that are only available from the Huawei appgallery.

The Band 6 was super easy to set up: select the language on the device, scan the code, install the app, and pair the device with your phone.

The Band 6 is equipped with a 4-way swipe screen,swiping from left to right that takes you through the home options, heart rate, stress meter, weather, audio playback.

From the bottom it gives you a view of your notifications: SMS, chat messages, emails etc.

Bottom up gives you a settings menu: find my phone, screen activated, DND, alarms and general settings.

A press of the side button will activate the screen (there is also a raise to wake function) and a second press when the screen is active gives you access to another menu: a training selection submenu containing 96 different training options, training record, heart rate monitor, sp02, activity record, sleep record, stress meter, breathing exercises, music, notifications, weather, stopwatch, timer, alarm, flashlight, find my phone and general settings.

The faces of the home display vary, but most show your steps for the day, time and date, heart rate, and battery level.

A simple press on the screen will allow you to select the face of the desired display, the Band 6 has several loaded on the device to choose from, but you can also download even more display faces fromthe huawei app.

In addition, any screen option with a cogwheel displayed below it has options for additional customization.

Battery life will always be an important factor when it comes to wearables,especially those used to track sleep.

The Band 6’s battery will last 14 days of use which they define as screen wakeup, continuous heart rate monitoring,no sleep monitoring, and a 30-minuteworkout per week.