New Alexa Echo Show Screen Intelligences

The original Alexa Echo Show was introduced to the market almost exactly four years ago, it had a 7-inch 1024×600 screen.

The first-generation Echo Show 8, introduced in November of 2019, had an 8-inch 1280×800screen.

It’s nice to have a screen and an Alexa in an unexpected, but very useful location.

Technically, the screen of that first generation echo show 8 was a bit bigger,and the resolution a bit better than theoriginal Echo Show.

The speakers were better in the first-generationEcho Show 8 than in the original EchoShow.

Oddly enough, the echo show 8’s camera was a miserable 1-megapixelcamera, a big step back from the original Echo Show’s 5-megapixelimager.

It was designed better on the first-generationEcho Show 8 than theoriginal Echo Show.

Now, there’s a brand new second-generation Echo Show 8.

Its coloring is “Coal”color.

The original Echo Show 8 came to have the following colors ranging from Charcoal and Sandstone,but the second generation is available in Charcoal and Glacier White.

What else is new in the new Echo Show 8?

The New Echo Show 8 skips camera quality from one megapixel up to a respectable 13 megapixel.

Let’s be clear, in terms of hardware specifications, not much else has changed between the first-generationEcho Show 8 and the second-generationEcho Show 8.

There are some new features of the software,especially one that adjusts the focus so that if you move around the room, so will the camera.

It does this using a much wider lens than what was made with the original Echo Show 8, and you can turn off the feature by telling Alexa “autofollow off.”

Like the Echo Show 10,this new Show 8 also allows for remote check-in,turning it into a child safety monitor.

Finally, a routine update allows you to activate routines using the camera,so when it detects a presence,it can turn on the lights or perform some other action for the smart home.

The big problem with the Echo Show 8, to be honest, is that theEcho Show 10 starts at $249 and is considerably more impressive.