Samsung Galaxy 20 Note Life review

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are now official and there is a big takeaway from their presentation.

Samsung has already released a huge but mysterious software update for both galaxy note 20 and note 20 ultra.

The update weighs a whopping 500MB but, oddly enough, Samsung hasn’t revealed any specifics about what’s inside it. Instead, everything Samsung writes in the release notes is “A software update may include, but is not limited to: device stability improvements, bug fixes. New and/or improved features”.

That said, such a big update that comes before one of the two phones has even been released, strongly suggests many bug fixes, and Samsung often tries to optimize its smartphone cameras after launch.

Anyway, it seems that both the Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra require a significant update of the box and I suspect that many more patches will follow in quick succession.

A fascinating update from Samsung’s top insider revealed that my doubts about the Note 20 are not out of place.

“In fact, most Samsung employees are not optimistic about the Note 20,”explaining that the phone’s design was part of the pressure within the company to “maximize profits and limit costs.”

This seems to backfire, however, with the highly critical device reception (unlike the popular Note 20 Ultra).

The Note 20 costs $1,000, this is a premium price, but there is very little in this phone.

The Note 20 is not only a predictable step back from the Note 20 Ultra,but it’s a step back from the entry-level Note 10.

The Note 10’s relatively portable 6.3-inch shape display to a huge 6.7-inch display will polarize opinion, but two-year-old Gorilla Glass 5 usage when the Note 10 uses Gorilla Glass 6 and the Note 20 Ultra uses the latest Gorilla Glass 7

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 takes several steps back from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 compared to 2019
Each Galaxy S20 comes with a 120Hzexpress refresh rate display, not so the Note 20,which is locked at 60Hz.

With the £399 OnePlus Nord offering a 90Hzrefresh rate, this is an unforgivable step back for a $1,000outlay.

The main reason for paying so much for a Galaxy Note is its S Pen, but even here the Note 20 is inferior to the Ultra.

The first has a response time of 26 ms,the second a significantly better 9 ms.

Despite being seen as a serious shortcoming in the Note 10,the Note 20 comes again with no expandable storage, both the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Note 20 Ultra.

The Note 20 Ultra has also added ultra wideband (UWB) for super fast file transfers, and Samsung has great plans to use it to improve positional monitoring and ARtechnology.