Video Surveillance, Yi 1080P Camera Review, let’s find out more

Yi 1080P Home Camera Review is a security camera without affordable prices.

Our Yi 1080P Home Camera Reviwsurveillance device, offers that peace of mind and comes with more advanced home security plans.

At a list price of $22.49,the YI 1080P home camera offers 1080P HDsurveillance footage, with human detection, wide-angle view, 2-way audio, night vision,baby cry detection, and integration with Alexa and Google.

The 32 mm circular camera is already mounted on a white quay with the following sizes (114 mm high, 80 mm wide).

The YI 1080P home camera can be mounted on a desk, shelf, wall or ceiling; any surface or ledge.

The dock also acts as a clip to fix it in somewhat uncomfortable slots. It can make a 180-degree rotation from front and back without the camera perishing its center of gravity.

The camera itself is a 112-degree aperture f2.0 wide-angle lens with 4x zoom that captures video in 1080P resolution.

A blue LED indicates when the camera is in application, although it can be disabled on the YI Home app.

The camera base has a slot for a Micro SD card and the micro USB port along with a reset button that can be accessed with a SIMtool.

From a good point of view, the 112-degree wide-angle lens captures crisp 1080P video in color.

As for Night Vision,the advanced invisible 8x940nm IR lights capture usable black and white videos with a range of up to 9 meters.

The camera’s motion sensor will record video when it detects motion.

The built-in microphone and speaker provide two-channel audio for direct communication.

The audio quality is impressive and louder than you would expect.

The YI 1080P home camera supports Micro SD cards (8 of 32 GB).

These WiFi Smart Home cameras work with local storage.

The minimum storage capacity is 8 GB while the maximum is 32 GB.

You can do 17 – 64 hours of shooting at 1080P, 15fps, 1.1 Mbps or 53 – 212 hours of shooting at 720P, 15fps 350 KBps.