What you need to know about Motorola Moto G10

Motorola is well known for its value and offering premium value smartphones.

One of its newest products is the $249 Moto G10, and there’s at least one area where this phone will give you a lot more than you paid for.

The G10 has an attractive design,with a nice “wave” pattern on the back. Although it is made of plastic, the back of the phone has a nice matte finish, which looks good in Aurora Grey or Iridescent Pearl.

The front is less attractive, however, as with the Alcatel 1SE,the bottom bezel is oddly thick.

Also note the strange placement of the button dedicated to theGoogle Assistant rather than being on the left side, away from the power button and the volume rocker like most phones that have one, is on the right side above the others.

The 6.5″ HD+ screen and does its job pretty well: you won’t get the best image quality in the world, as it’s limited to 720p.

It is an IPS LCD panel with a small notch at the top for the front camera, which is quite discreet.

It has a huge 5000 mAhbattery , yet Motorola managed to cram one for two days of life on a single charge.

The phone come with a free pair of wired earbuds, which is a nice return to a bygone era, and like the free earbuds of the past.

A 3.5mm Motorola jack that Motorola has included so thoughtfully.

The G10 comes with some bells and whistles such as a rear fingerprint reader, dual SIM, facial unlock, and IP52 water resistance.

Image quality can be a bit grainy, especially at night; while the night vision mode.

The Moto G10 is perfectly fine for what it is: namely, a $249smartphone.

However, the 5000mAh battery is a fantastic selling point for a valuable phone.