What’s New iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13

One of the news released recently regarding the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera update has been directed to all iPhone 13 models and earlier iPhone models.

The production of Apple’s iPhone 13 is ahead of the date that was talked about with the range that should be launched several months before its predecessor.

And now we know that Apple’s biggest update for the iPhone 13 will be even better than we expected.

The high-quality model for the iPhone 13 Pro Max reveals Apple’s biggest design changes.
Apple will not only insert huge new modules into the rear camera in each of its iPhone 13models, but will also provide them all with Voice Coil Motors,part of what Apple calls “game-changing” technology that was previously reserved for its iPhone 12 Pro Max.

How accurate is it?

Apple says the sensor-shift OIS can react 5,000 times per second, or less 5 times faster than the OIS systems seen in the other iPhone 12 models. And the benefits are not limited only to stabilization, eliminating motion from shots improves low-light photography and reduces noise. “It’s a game changer.”

That said, Apple’s decision to oversize all cameras in the iPhone 13 range makes it seem like moving the sensor intothe iPhone 12 Pro Max was more of a distribution test before its potential was fully realized by its successors.

Plus, the sensor change just seems like the icing on the cake of some iPhone updates this year.

Previous iPhone 13 leaks have revealed that, along with their huge new cameras, Apple will add next-generation 5G modems, “disruptive” WiFi, MagSafe upgrades, expanded beamforming microphones, increased power efficiency (expect an increase in battery life), 120Hz ProMotion displays (limited only to Pro models).